The Emerald City Street Life: A Hip Hop Memoir Paperback – Large Print, January 24, 2019 

by  Mr. Marcus L Daniels Sr.  (Author)

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I wrote this book with a therapeutic approach to writing Hip Hop. Hip Hop on many occasions have taken a bad rap for the material and content that are displayed in the music. I find myself conflicted yet intrigued by what Hip Hop has done to our society. The many different times I had sat in my room, or my car writing rap verses just to encourage myself was plentiful. Sometimes I wrote just to ease someone else’s pain. Other times I wrote just for the feeling I felt inside my soul. I wanted my audience to relate to the many rap verses that I began writing 3 decades ago. I hope that my material can be therapeutic to someone who understands what rap music’s all about. Freedom of expression and Freedom of speech has allowed our voices to be heard through rap. Sometimes our voices may seem irrational to the problems that society has forced us into. Rage can have a positive effect on how Hip Hop portrays that rage. I hope that you enjoy the many rap verses that I put together. As An artist, you see my growth, as a young black male, you feel my struggle, as a rapper, you see my rhymes, and as a human being you feel my pain.

The Emerald City Street Life: A Hip Hop Memoir

Sick and Tired Paperback – Large Print, March 18, 2020 

by  MARCUS L DANIELS Sr.  (Author)

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Sick and Tired is about a couple who just can’t seem to get it right. The focus is on mental health and how domestic violence can be mental and physical abuse. I wrote this book wanting to understand domestic violence and its triggers within a relationship. Its important to understand your triggers within the relationship. When you meet someone, there not going to show you everything about them, it takes time. Once you get comfortable within the relationship, your truth will come out whether it’s good or bad. My goal is to help those who have compromised their relationships over petty arguments, being un-trustworthy, and lack of loyalty. Relationships are a part of our everyday existence. We have to make adjustments within our own lives as we include others to join our lives. Sick and Tired was inspired by events thats taken place while getting to know a person. We all are not perfect and no one on the earth surface is. We all thrive for love and wanting to feel loved, but you fall out of love, when love starts to feel complicated. Being Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired is not just dealing with domestic abuse, but the reprocutions of mental abuse within a relationship. Onelove MDz'

Sick And Tired