Marcus Daniels started his journey writing Hip Hop songs and poetry. He was in the Hip Hop group Mob Related where the group released the Mob Related Funk album in 1998. Marcus continued to record and produce his own music and videos. Having success in the Hip Hop community, he became a graphics artist where he learned graphic design and web development at Highline Community College. He then became the graphics editor for the Highline Community College newspaper, The Thunderword. Understanding graphic design and web development, Marcus continued his journey as he would self published his memoir The Emerald City Street Life: A Hip Hop Memoir. He explains how he wrote songs as he grew from a young adolescent to an adult. He also explains the challenges of wanting to become a rapper. Marcus has also published his second book, "Sick and Tired" and will continue to write and publish more books in the future. MD2020VISION turning visions into reality is about using your creativity to create art in all forms.


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Marcus L Daniels Sr.



Author / Writer / Editor/ Artist / Hip Hop Artist and Producer